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LINX courses


LINX courses FAQ

What is LAIT ?
LINX Accredited Internet Technician

What are the LINX accredited courses?
There are three courses:
  • LAIT 1 - IP and networking fundamentals
  • LAIT 2 - IP routing
  • LAIT 3 - IP and the Internet (BGP, MPLS.)
Detailed contents of the courses are available here, by emailing info@snt.co.uk or phoning (01737) 821590.

What are the course codes?
Courses can be booked by their full names or simply by using the course codes of LINX 1, LINX 2 and LINX 3.

What certifications are available?
Each course leads to the relevant stage of certification.

Can I attend later courses without attending courses with which I am already familiar?
Yes. See table below. If unsure, please contact us on (01737) 821590.

Course Preferred pre requisite Alternative pre requisite
LINX 1 Anyone can attend  
LINX 2 Attend LINX 1 LINX 1 exam only or CCNA
LINX 3 Attend LINX 2 LINX 2 exam only or CCNP

How much do the courses cost?
LINX I costs £1,677 plus VAT per delegate.
LINX II costs £1,967 plus VAT per delegate.
LINX III costs £1,967 plus VAT per delegate

When are the courses?
Courses are scheduled throughout the year. Please see our public schedule for the current course dates. If you do not see a date suitable for yourselves please let us know and we can discuss scheduling courses on other dates.

Where are the courses held?
Courses are held at our training centre, Robert Denholm House, Bletchingley Road, Nutfield, Surrey, RH1 4HW.

Courses can be held at customer sites, the price is then at a flat rate regardless of the number of delegates (ranging from one delegate to eight delegates). Please call for details.

How can I book on the courses?
To provisionally reserve a place on a course simply contact us on (01737) 821590 or email us at info@snt.co.uk with the course name and date you would like to attend.

Why Choose Us

SNT trainers score an average of over 90% on the three main areas of:
  • Ability to teach
  • Technical knowledge
  • Answering questions
“Excellently presented by a very knowledgeable and enthusiastic trainer.” P.D. General Dynamics

We limit our maximum class size to 8 delegates; often we have less than this. This ensures optimal interactivity between delegates and instructor.
"Excellent course. The small class size was a great benefit…" M.B. IBM

We write our own courses; courseware does not just consist of slides and our slides are diagrams not bullet point text. A typical chapter provides clearly defined objectives with a chapter overview, slides with text underneath, a quiz at the end to check the learning of the students. Hands on exercises are at the end and are used to reinforce the theory.