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LINX Accredited Internet Technician 3

sample questions

LINX Accredited Internet Technician 3 - sample questions

question one image

1) R1 will route to via:

Tick the best answer.

A - R2 as it has the lowest weight.
B - R3 as it has the highest weight.
C - R2 as it has the highest MED.
D - R3 as it has the lowest MED.
E - None of the above.

2) Which of the following are true with regard to BGP?

Tick all that apply.

A - BGP uses TCP for transmission of BGP packets.
B - BGP uses type 5 packets as acknowledgements.
C - BGP is a link state protocol.
D - BGP uses hello packets every 10 seconds.
E - BGP sends full routing tables every 30 minutes if there is no change in the network topology.
F - BGP by default picks the fastest (based on bandwidth) route to a destination as the best route.
G - BGP has a number of metrics it can use to determine the best path to a destination.
H - IBGP should be used by ISPs to carry internal infrastructure addresses
I - BGP should not be used with less than full routing tables.

question three image

3) You are offering a VPN service to your customers. The service architecture is shown above. Which would be the most appropriate IPSec VPN mode?

Tick the best answer.

A - Tunnel mode.
B - Transparent mode.
C - Translucent mode.
D - Test mode.
E - Tentative mode.
F - Transport mode.
G - Truck mode.
H - None of the above.

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