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Peering at LINX

A 1-2 days training course

Peering at LINX training course description

A one or two day induction course covering the technical procedures of LINX along with correct interaction with LINX and LINX members. This course focuses on the implementation of the technologies within the LINX network. For those already competent in BGP the one day version of this course is sufficient.

Key outcomes from this course

By the end of the course delegates will be able to:
  • Explain the role of LINX in the Internet.
  • Correctly connect to LINX.
  • Recognise the correct procedures for peering at LINX.
  • Use the current Best Current Practices.

Peering at LINX training course details

Who will benefit:
Technical staff of new LINX members.
Technical staff of companies preparing to join LINX.
Non technical staff may also benefit from this course.
1-2 days
(For technical staff with BGP knowledge 1 day)

Training approach

This structured training course seeks to build upon workbook learning through the use of group exercises, dynamic discussion and individual tasks in order to deliver an engaging and interactive module that will ensure all candidates are able to transfer their new skills into the workplace.

Overall ratings for this course:

Course review

"Very thorough and to the point, trainer had the knowledge and experience to expand and answer questions."
A. R. SSE Telecoms
"Content and explaination were excellent."
N. S. SSE Telecoms

Peering at LINX training course contents

Introduction and review
Networks, The Internet, IP, routers, Autonomous systems, the structure of the Internet, the role of Internet Exchanges. BGP and peering. LINX, EuroIX, RIPE. What you get when you join LINX. LINX products: Connexions, Virtual PoPs, Colocation resales, LINX from anywhere.

LINX infrastructure
The original architecture, The growth of LINX, the current topology. LINX London locations. Dual LAN topology. Juniper LAN, Extreme LAN. Use of MPLS to connect London sites. Regional peering: IXScotland, IXManchester, IXCardiff, LINX NoVa.

Connecting with LINX
Locations. 100M, 1/10/100G. Interface specifications. Link aggregation. The racks and space provided, access to the racks, connecting WAN circuits into LINX. The connection form, How to link your ISP with LINX, switch assignments, limits on traffic, average measured traffic, getting statistics from LINX, Using looking glass. Allowed traffic. Port security.

Configuration hints
LINX IP details, IPv4, IPv6, PTR records, Cisco base configuration, Juniper base configuration.

Peering with other LINX members
Preparing for peering, the peering template, setting up the peering, RFC 2142, the RIPE database, contacts, peeringdb.net, solving downed BGP sessions, escalation procedures.

Peering configuration hints
Cisco BGP configuration, Juniper BGP configuration.

LINX additional services
Private interconnect, the LINX multicast exchange, LINX time service. NTP, Strata.

The LINX route server
Bi lateral peering, Multi lateral peering. How the LINX route server is configured. Use of communities on the route server, template for peering with the route server.

Getting further information, the LINX website, the LINX mailing lists.

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