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Hands-on generic courses

We do provide product training but the majority of our comprehensive range of courses are generic and focus on how the technologies work providing delegates with more advanced troubleshooting skills. Hands on sessions are used to reinforce the theory.
"Not many courses have practice added to it. Normally just the theoretical stuff is covered."
J.W., Vodafone

Small class sizes

We limit our maximum class size to 8 delegates; often we have less than this. This ensures optimal interactivity between delegates and instructor.
"Excellent course. The small class size was a great benefit…"

Our trainers

SNT trainers score an average of over 90% on the three main areas of the ability to teach, technical knowledge and answering questions.
“Excellently presented by a very knowledgeable and enthusiastic trainer.”
P.D. General Dynamics

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Systems & Network Training provide over 75 hands on training courses covering network technologies. This comprehensive range of courses enables you to take the courses that only cover the specific aspect of networking you require. You don't need to learn about other things, just attend the course that covers only the technology that you need. The two foundation courses are the three day Introduction to data communications and networking followed by our 5 day TCP/IP foundation. The Introduction to Data communications course provides a technical overview of all networking including building of networks with Ethernet, wireless LANS and WANS. Our TCP/IP foundation course provides hands on experience with PCs, servers and routers providing a rounded introduction to the world of TCP/IP. After the foundation courses various specialisation areas are offered including:

Courses are generic in nature, enabling delegates to focus on the whys and wherefores of networking rather than concentrating on "press this button" or "press that button". Skills gained can then easily be translated into tasks for a particular product. A principle differentiator is that although the courses are generic, hands on sessions are used to reinforce the theory.


“Excellent! The opportunity to ask questions freely was fantastic. Both trainer's humour and knowledge was much appreciated.”

A. L., MOD

“Overall the course allowed (me) to increase my understanding of how networks are configured in the broadcasting industry. We started with the basics and gradually built up to more complex topics. It was perfect!” “It was an excellent experience. Was able to expand my knowledge in the subject.”

F. C., BBC

“Absolutely brilliant, very knowledgeable and helpful would recommend (the trainer) to teach anyone. Kept me interested 100% of the time which is very impressive as this does not happen often, if at all!”

O. B., Network Rail

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