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Git and GitHub for engineers

A 1 day
training course

Git and GitHub course description

This course covers version control using Git but also using GUI frontends such as GitHub. The course starts with a tour of using GitHub but then quickly moves onto using git from the command line. All elements of git version control are covered including creation of repositories, adding and editing files, branches and merging, rewriting history and handling merge conflicts. Hands on sessions are used throughout the course.

Key outcomes from this course

By the end of the course delegates will be able to:
  • Install git.
  • Add and edit files in a repository.
  • Create branches and perform merges.
  • Handle merge conflicts.

Git and GitHub training course details

Who will benefit:
Anyone requiring version control.
1 day

Training approach

This structured course uses Instructor Led Training to provide the best possible learning experience. Small class sizes ensure students benefit from our engaging and interactive style of teaching with delegates encouraged to ask questions throughout the course. Quizzes follow each major section allowing checking of learning. Hands on sessions are used throughout to allow delegates to consolidate their new skills.

Overall ratings for this course:

New course

Company reviews

"Hard concepts were explained very simply."
J. S., Framestore CFC
"Excellent presentation - very good course structure."
B. M., London Internet Exchange

Git and GitHub training course contents

Version control for software, configuration management. Other uses. Version control systems. What is git? What is GitHub? Distributed version control. Comparison of git to other systems.

Getting started, creating an account, account types, repositories, access control, bug tracking, feature requests. Alternatives to GitHub.
Hands on: Using GitHub.

Installing git
Linux install, Windows install, git config, levels, user.name, user.email.
Hands on: Installing and configuring git.

Creating repositories
git clone, github, git remote, git init.
Hands on: Creating a repository.

Adding and editing files Staging and adding, git add, git commit, git push, git pull, git status, git log. Two stage process. File states: Working, staging, history, untracked. git mv, git rm, .gitignore, git diff, git difftool. Undoing changes.
Hands on: Adding and editing files in git.

Branching and merging
What is a branch, HEAD label, master branch, git branch, git checkout. Feature branches, bux fix branches, integration branches, production branches, fast forward merges, 3 way merges, git merge, git status, git log, tags.
Hands on: Making branches, merging.

Rewriting history git reset, git rebase, advantages.
Hands on: Reset commits, rebase a branch.

Merge conflicts
What is a conflict, conflict resolution process, resolving merges, rebasing, git log, merge tools, configuring merge tools, avoiding conflicts.
Hands on: Merge resolution.

Why Choose Us

SNT trainers score an average of over 90% on the three main areas of:
  • Ability to teach
  • Technical knowledge
  • Answering questions
“Excellently presented by a very knowledgeable and enthusiastic trainer.” P.D. General Dynamics

We limit our maximum class size to 8 delegates; often we have less than this. This ensures optimal interactivity between delegates and instructor.
"Excellent course. The small class size was a great benefit…" M.B. IBM

We write our own courses; courseware does not just consist of slides and our slides are diagrams not bullet point text. A typical chapter provides clearly defined objectives with a chapter overview, slides with text underneath, a quiz at the end to check the learning of the students. Hands on exercises are at the end and are used to reinforce the theory.

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