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Hands-on generic courses

We do provide product training but the majority of our comprehensive range of courses are generic and focus on how the technologies work providing delegates with more advanced troubleshooting skills. Hands on sessions are used to reinforce the theory.
"Not many courses have practice added to it. Normally just the theoretical stuff is covered."
J.W., Vodafone

Small class sizes

We limit our maximum class size to 8 delegates; often we have less than this. This ensures optimal interactivity between delegates and instructor.
"Excellent course. The small class size was a great benefit…"

Our trainers

SNT trainers score an average of over 90% on the three main areas of the ability to teach, technical knowledge and answering questions.
“Excellently presented by a very knowledgeable and enthusiastic trainer.”
P.D. General Dynamics

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Telecommunications training courses overview

Our telecommunications training curriculum is theory based providing a solid grounding in the details of telecommunications technology. The courses provide a compliment to product specific courses, or serve as a generic source of knowledge in themselves. The curriculum covers the major areas of telephony, transmission and mobile technology. Telephony courses range from explaining how basic telephone systems work, through to advanced signalling systems such as SS7. Transmission courses focus on SDH and DWDM. Mobile technology courses range from the tried and trusted GSM onto leading edge developments such as UMTS

Telecommunication courses

Getting started training courses
The two day telecommunications Introduction course provides the pre requisite knowledge for the other telecommunications courses. The data communications course focuses more on network technologies.

“Instructor communicated the course material very clearly and thoroughly. Although the content was very technical at times he was effective at simplifying it and making it easy to understand.”
Telecommunications Introduction - K.B Resilient Plc
Technology demystified training courses
Short courses designed to cover the jargon and buzzwords behind these technologies.

“An excellent intro to mobile comms.”
Mobile Communications demystified - L.K. HTC Europe

Transmission training courses
Hands on fibre and copper cabling courses are available including a specific one day fibre splicing course. Other transmission technologies such as SDH, DWDM, Broadband, Ethernet and MPLS are also available.

"Well thought out, took us through all the basics and pulled all concepts together."
Essential DWDM - R.L. Network Rail

Radio engineering training courses

A range of RF courses for those working in the mobile communications world.

"Enthusiastic and engaging lecturer. Felt very comfortable asking questions."
RF Fundamentals - S.P. DSTL

Signaling training courses
Traditional signalling courses such as SS7 are available as well as hands on courses covering SIP.

"Instructor is obviously expert in this field."
SS7 - R.T Intercall

IP engineering training courses
For a more comprehensive list of IP courses please see our networking section. Courses range from a 5 day IP foundation through to dedicated courses targeting specific technologies. All these courses are hands on.

"Covered everything I wanted to. The instructor was excellent and it was a very enjoyable course."
C.M-C - TCP/IP Foundation BT

Voice over IP training course
A three day hands on VoIP course provides a foundation to continue onto the more advanced courses such as our hands on Definitive SIP for engineers.

"Not many courses have practice added to it. Normally just the theoretical stuff is covered."
Definitive SIP for Engineers - J.W. Vodafone Netherlands

Legacy technologies training courses
Courses that have been retired from our public schedule but some people are still interested in these technologies.

"Adapted to student requirements well."
ATM Fundamentals - PW Spitfire

Mobile communications training courses
A range of courses covering technologies from the traditional GSM through to UMTS and IMS.

"Very good course – instructor, content and facilities."
Mobile Communications Overview - A.S. Telsis

LTE/4G training courses
A range of courses focusing on LTE.

"Met the objectives and a good follow on from the Definitive IMS course."
Definitive SIP in the IMS for Engineers - I.H. Virgin Media


“Excellent! The opportunity to ask questions freely was fantastic. Both trainer's humour and knowledge was much appreciated.”

A. L., MOD

“Overall the course allowed (me) to increase my understanding of how networks are configured in the broadcasting industry. We started with the basics and gradually built up to more complex topics. It was perfect!” “It was an excellent experience. Was able to expand my knowledge in the subject.”

F. C., BBC

“Absolutely brilliant, very knowledgeable and helpful would recommend (the trainer) to teach anyone. Kept me interested 100% of the time which is very impressive as this does not happen often, if at all!”

O. B., Network Rail