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Courseware development

Systems & Network Training focus on training services. We write and design our own courses, and have extensive experience in developing customised training programmes. As part of our service offering we are able to provide:

  • Courseware development
  • Technical authoring

These services are offered at fixed prices, which are dependant upon a number of factors including:

  • Whether the customer requires sole copyright
  • The length of the course/manual

Courseware structure

This sample is Chapter 4 from our 2-day "Introduction to Ethernet switching" course. When writing courses for others we can use the customers own "house style". Our own courses have the following structure with each chapter having:

  • Clearly defined objectives along with a chapter overview:
  • This provides a scene setter so that the delegates know what they will be doing. In teaching terminology this can be viewed as, "Tell them what you are going to tell them".
  • Slides with text underneath:
  • Slides are generally graphics rather than just text. In teaching terms this is the "tell them" part of a session combined with "I see, I remember". Text underneath slides is in bullet point format. This ensures essential information is clearly identified and readability of the notes is improved.
  • Quiz:
  • To check the learning of the students also an ingredient of the, "Tell them what you told them" part of a session. Our quizzes serve a number of functions:

    • To reinforce what has been learnt in this session.
    • To review material from previous sessions in relation to this session.
    • To bring out new points, making the students think and build on the knowledge gained in the session.

  • Exercise:
  • Hands on exercises are often used to reinforce the theory. Another ingredient of "Tell them what you told them" particularly when combined with a trainer led review of the exercise. We firmly believe in the fact that students will remember more in a hands on session than they will from a theory session following the Chinese proverb "I hear, I forget, I see, I remember, I do, I understand". Our exercises are written so that students will have to think - we do not spoon feed.
  • Exercises are split into two parts:
    • Standard
    • All students are expected to complete this part of the exercise.
    • If time permits
    • Invariably there is a range of abilities and experience in a class. This means some students finish exercises much more quickly than the rest of the class. Rather than the more experienced students sitting around waiting for others to finish the exercises, the "If time permits" section allows them to explore the topics in more detail. This section can also be used in the weeks following the training to continue building the students knowledge.

Graduate programmes and new entrant training

We have developed a number of graduate and new entrant programmes ranging from 1-2 weeks through to 2 years.

Longer training programmes, such as the two-year programme include work experience structured around the training.

These programmes are not merely a string of our standard courses run in succession. Projects, case studies and workshops are built into the programmes to ensure knowledge is consolidated. Testing can also be built into the programmes to identify deficiencies in skills.

Skills training is often built into the programmes. For example, the first half hour of each day can be used to review the previous day's material. However, rather than the trainer running this session, the delegates do, so that they can practise their presentation skills to reinforce a previous "presentation skills" course.

Bespoke training development (and delivery?)

As a small company, we pride ourselves in being able to customise courses to fit the exact needs of our customers. When we are delivering the courses there is often no customisation fee (although it does depend on the amount of customisation required).

We have also developed courses, which concentrate solely on a company's own network requirements. Other courses have been tailored to particular job specifications.

Product courses

As a small company, we pride ourselves in being able to customise courses to fit the exact needs of our customers. When we are delivering the courses there is often no customisation fee (although it does depend on the amount of customisation required).

Technical authoring

Most of our development work is based upon producing courseware. In the past we have developed both training materials and product documentation. There is often a lot of overlap between the two, although there are significant differences in their purposes and emphasis.

Our courseware is designed to be used as part of an, "Instructor Led Training" solution. As such, elements such as quizzes, where delegates have to write in the answers, are a useful component in the learning methodology.

Our product documentation is designed to be "self standing". This means that procedures are clearly defined - step-by-step. Perhaps the most important difference is that our product documentation is designed to be either a reference or a guide, whereas our courseware is designed to ensure maximum learning in a classroom.