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Systems & Network Training is a specialised training company, in particular, focussing on Instructor Led Training, either virtual or in real class environment.
All our courses are delivered live, that is with an instructor who teaches and interacts with the students.
The choice you have is that your students can be in the same room as the instructor or can attend the training over the Internet using Zoom or WebEx. (Minor exceptions are Fibre optic cabling courses, Copper cabling courses and RF courses, which need to be taught in a real classroom only.) Either way the courses still have all the hands-on.

For the topics we teach we find that Instructor Led Training has many benefits over e-learning including:

  • Set agreed times for the class ensuring the training is completed
  • Chance to ask questions and interact with tutor
  • Hands-on sessions
  • Ability for customisation

Our training is available in 2 forms:

Public schedule One company (which can be customised)

both of these are available either virtual or in real class environment.