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Essential Bluetooth  |    A 2 day   hands on   training course

Bluetooth training course description

Bluetooth is used by many kids these days but is probably under-utilised in business environments. This hands on training course provides an overview of what Bluetooth is, how it works, what it can be used for and how to configure it on different devices.

What will you learn
  • Explain what Bluetooth is.
  • Describe the Bluetooth protocol stack.
  • Recognise the applications of Bluetooth.
  • Configure Bluetooth.
Bluetooth training course details
  • Who will benefit:
  • Anyone who needs to know more about Bluetooth.

  • Prerequisites:
  • None.

  • Duration
  • 2 days

  • Dates & prices
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Bluetooth training course contents

  • Classic Bluetooth
  • Bluetooth overview
  • Basics, standards, competing technologies.

  • Bluetooth radio
  • RF bands, power losses, frequency hopping.

  • Bluetooth modulation

  • Bluetooth data transfer
  • FH, TDD, FDMA, ACL, SCO, Bluetooth packets.

  • Making connections
  • Piconets, Scatternets, Pairing

  • The protocol stack
  • Baseband, Link Manager, L2CAP, SDP, GAP, RFCOMM.

  • Profiles
  • FTP, DUN, LAN, Synch, HDP, GOEP/OBEX etc.

  • Security
  • Authentication, authorisation, encryption, risks.

  • Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Introduction
  • Bluetooth Smart and Bluetooth Smart Ready.

  • BLE device types
  • Design goals, terminology and core concepts.

  • BLE usage models
  • Presence detection, data broadcasting connectionless models, gateways.

  • BLE architecture
  • Controller, host, applications and stack splits.

  • BLE protocol stack
  • Link layer, HCI, L2CAP.

  • BLE profiles
  • GAP roles, models, procedures, security modes, data advertising.

  • BLE security
  • Pairing, bonding, data signing

  • BLE applications
  • Devices, services, profiles, peripherals

Learning path



Based on customer ratings

R. S. - Selex ES

"Excellent course. Very informative, very enjoyable. Excellent Kick start into networking."

B. M. - Telit

"This course helps to understand BLE basics which is very much necessary to work and support our customers."

Training approach

This structured training course seeks to build upon workbook learning through the use of group exercises, dynamic discussion and individual tasks in order to deliver an engaging and interactive module that will ensure all candidates are able to transfer their new skills into the workplace.