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Definitive Kamailio for engineers  |    A 3 day   hands on   training course

Kamailio training course description

Kamailio (formerly known as OpenSER) provides a scalable SIP server suitable for small through to carrier grade installations. This course will teach you how to install, configure and troubleshoot the Kamailio product.

What will you learn
  • Install Kamailio.
  • Control Kamailio.
  • Configure Kamailio.
  • Troubleshoot Kamailio.
Kamailio training course details

Kamailio training course contents

  • What is Kamailio?
  • What is SER? SER history, OpenSER, versions. Kamailio. Supported platforms, SIP review.
    Hands on Simple SIP telephony without a SIP server.

  • Installing Kamailio
  • Downloading Kamailio, Installation from source, package installation, CVS, default passwords
    Hands on Kamailio installation.

  • Controlling Kamailio
  • Starting, stopping and controlling Kamailio. Starting Kamailio automatically at boot time.
    Hands on Controlling the server

  • First configuration
  • Basic configuration.
    Hands on SIP telephony with Kamailio.

  • Monitoring
  • Logs, xlog, openserctl, syslog.
    Hands on Logging.

  • Kamailio architecture
  • Kamailio core, Kamailio modules, file locations, persistent data storage, database structure.
    Hands on Database integration.

  • Core configuration
  • Keywords, values, parameters, functions, routing blocks, constructs.
    Hands on Advanced Kamailio configuration.

  • Module configuration
  • Overview of modules available, AAA integration, least cost routing. Redirects
    Hands on Configuring modules.

  • Architectures
  • DNS integration, peering, OSP, NAT traversal, SIP to GSM.
    Hands on peering.

  • Asterisk integration
  • Altering tables to work with Asterisk, Asterisk as a voicemail system. Design issues, High availability.
    Hands on Integrating Kamailio with Asterisk.

Learning path



Based on customer ratings

J. S. - Framestore CFC

"Hard concepts were explained very simply."

B. M. - London Internet Exchange

"Excellent presentation - very good course structure."

Training approach

This structured training course seeks to build upon workbook learning through the use of group exercises, dynamic discussion and individual tasks in order to deliver an engaging and interactive module that will ensure all candidates are able to transfer their new skills into the workplace.