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Definitive IP CCTV for engineers  |    A 2 day   hands on   training course

IP CCTV training course description

This hands on course covers the technologies used in IP CCTV systems. The focus is not on operating or cabling but more advanced configuration and troubleshooting. Hands on sessions are used to reinforce the theory rather than teach specific manufacturer equipment.

What will you learn
  • Install IP CCTV.
  • Configure IP CCTV.
  • Explain how IP CCTV protocols work.
  • Troubleshoot IP CCTV.
IP CCTV training course details
  • Who will benefit:
  • Technical staff working with IP CCTV.

  • Prerequisites:
  • None.

  • Duration
  • 2 days

  • Dates & prices
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IP CCTV training course contents

  • Introduction
  • What is IP CCTV? Camera types, Video, Audio, two way audio, IP CCTV software.
    Hands on Installing IP CCTV.

  • CCTV architecture
  • Components, servers, storage, LANs, WANs. Centralised versus decentralised.
    Hands on Using IP CCTV.

  • Ethernet
  • What is Ethernet? Ethernet cabling, Inside versus outside, hubs, switches, PoE, VLANs.
    Hands on Ethernet connectivity.

  • Wireless
  • WiFi, other wireless solutions, 802.11, variations, frequencies, Access Points, bridges, repeaters. WEP, WPA, WPA2,
    Hands on WiFi

  • Configuration
  • Ways to configure, IP addresses, subnet mask, default gateway, DHCP, NAT, access from the Internet.
    Hands on CCTV configuration.

  • How IP CCTV works
  • TCP, UDP, IP, RTP, RTSP, SIP, PTZ, NTP, Wireshark. Port numbers.
    Hands on Using Wireshark to troubleshoot IP CCTV.

  • Network issues with IP CCTV
  • Bandwidth, video resolution, compressions, codecs, frame rates, audio. QoS. One way versus two way traffic.
    Hands on Analysing CCTV traffic.

  • Security
  • VPNs, Firewalls.
    Hands on CCTV through a firewall.

  • Troubleshooting
  • ping, tracert, arp, ipconfig, pathping, tracert. Cable issues, switch issues, WiFi issues.CCTV issues.
    Hands on CCTV troubleshooting.

  • Miscellaneous
  • Design issues, multicasting, gateways. DVR technology. Calculating storage requirements.

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"Very good with deep product knowledge."

Training approach

This structured training course seeks to build upon workbook learning through the use of group exercises, dynamic discussion and individual tasks in order to deliver an engaging and interactive module that will ensure all candidates are able to transfer their new skills into the workplace.