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HP ProCurve switches for engineers  |    A 2 day   hands on   training course

HP ProCurve training course description

A hands on course covering the product specifics of HP switches. Installation, configuration, maintenance and troubleshooting are all covered in a practical oriented way. VLANs often take up a large part of the course. The course covers all interfaces but concentrates on using the command line interface. Delegates are, however, free to use the web based interface in all exercises.

What will you learn
  • Install HP ProCurve switches.
  • Use the command line interface and the web based interface to manage HP ProCurve switches.
  • Configure and troubleshoot HP ProCurve switches.
  • Perform software upgrades and maintain configurations using TFTP.
HP ProCurve training course details
  • Who will benefit:
  • Anyone working with HP switches. Particularly aimed at engineers and technicians supporting HP switches.

  • Prerequisites:
  • None.

  • Duration
  • 2 days

  • Dates & prices
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HP ProCurve training course content

  • Introduction
  • Traditional Ethernet, Hubs, Frames, MAC addresses.
    Hands on Building a network with a hub

  • What is a switch?
  • Switches versus hubs, the MAC address table, handling unknown addresses.
    Hands on Building a network with HP switches.

  • Configuration methods
  • How to configure a HP switch using: Console port access menus, CLI, telnet, web based access.
    Hands on Console access, show commands, using the menus, IP address configuration, telnet.

  • Command Line Interface
  • Operator mode, Manager mode, configuration mode, passwords, online help, CLI commands, basic troubleshooting.
    Hands on More show commands, basic troubleshooting, setting a password, displaying status and counters.

  • Web based interface
  • Web access, basic format, Getting started. SSL.
    Hands on Web based configuration.

  • Port configuration
  • Common port configuration tasks, port security, port aggregation.
    Hands on Configuring ports. Trunking and failover.

  • STP configuration
  • Broadcast storms. What is STP? RSTP. Configuring STP.
    Hands on Enabling and disabling STP, investigation failover.

  • VLAN configuration
  • What are VLANS? 802.1Q, tagged/untagged, creating VLANS, applying VLANS. Addressing and VLANs, Layer 3 switches and VLANs.
    Hands on Setting up VLANS, setting up tagged ports, Inter VLAN traffic.

  • Housekeeping
  • TFTP, software upgrades, downloading configurations.
    Hands on Software upgrade, downloading a configuration.

  • SNMP
  • SNMP configuration, HP OpenView.
    Hands on Using SNMP to manage a HP ProCurve switch.

  • Basic troubleshooting
  • Putting it all together. Layer 1 troubleshooting, Layer 2 troubleshooting.

  • Miscellaneous exercises
  • CDP. Logging

Learning path



Based on overall customer ratings

K. J. - Bromley College

"Excellent Course. I liked the hands-on practicals."

L. P. - Research Machines

"Excellent opportunities to ask questions and discuss real life scenarios."

Training approach

This structured training course seeks to build upon workbook learning through the use of group exercises, dynamic discussion and individual tasks in order to deliver an engaging and interactive module that will ensure all candidates are able to transfer their new skills into the workplace.