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XSLT  |    A 2 day   hands on   training course

XSLT training course description

This course has been designed as a follow on course for the XML primer course. The course looks at the use of XSLT in the transforming and styling XML documents.

What will you learn
  • Transform and style XML documents using XSLT.
XSLT training course details
  • Who will benefit:
  • Anyone working with XSLT.

  • Prerequisites:
  • XML primer

  • Duration
  • 2 days

  • Dates & prices
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XSLT training course contents

  • Introduction
  • Extensible Stylesheet Language (XSL), transforming and formatting XML.

  • XML refresher
  • The basic rules for building an XML document.

  • An introduction to XSLT
  • The basic concepts of XSLT, xsl:output, xsl:template, xsl:value-of.

  • XML documents as trees
  • How the original XML is transformed into a set of nodes, the general terms for manipulating node trees.

  • Paths (XPath)
  • Use of path matching to select required nodes for transformation.

  • Using templates
  • xsl:apply-templates, xsl:template match, nested templates, xsl:copy , <comment> and <element> , default templates, parameters.

  • Control
  • xsl:if, xsl:choose, xsl:for-each, xsl:sort.

  • Constructing the result tree
  • xsl:output, xsl:attribute, xsl:attribute-set, xsl:comment, xsl:processing-instruction, xsl:text, xsl:value-of, xsl:variable.

  • Combining templates
  • xsl:include, xsl:import, xsl:apply-imports.

  • Transforming to text

Learning path



Based on overall ratings

J. S. - Framestore CFC

"Hard concepts were explained very simply."

D. M. - Paradigm

"I’ve found it very useful and the course was very well put together and delivered."

Training approach

This structured training course seeks to build upon workbook learning through the use of group exercises, dynamic discussion and individual tasks in order to deliver an engaging and interactive module that will ensure all candidates are able to transfer their new skills into the workplace.