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Essential industrial cyber security  |    A 1 day training course

Essential industrial cyber security course description

The ISA/IEC 62443 series of standards set best practices for securing Industrial Automation and Control Systems. In this course, we will dive into the technical reference 62443 and how to implement its controls in the IACS environment. Numerous technologies covered by the standards are explained including RBAC, firewalls, VLANs, VPNs and more.

What will you learn
  • Describe the role of 62443 in IACS cyber security.
  • List and describe the four parts of the 62443 series.
  • Define the common terms, concepts and models used in IEC 62443.
  • Define risk assessment processes critical for IACS.
  • Explain how various technologies in IEC 62433 work including firewalls, VPNs and VLANs.
Essential industrial cyber security course details

Essential industrial cyber security course contents

  • IEC 62443 introduction
  • Industrial Automation and Control Systems (IACS) and security. Cyber attacks on critical infrastructure consequences. Who are the IEC? The IEC 62443 series. The four parts of the 62443 series: General, policies and procedures, system requirements, components and requirements. IEC 62443-1-1: Terminology, concepts and models.

  • IEC 62443-2-1 & 2-4
  • IEC 62443-2-1: Establishing an IACS security program. IEC 62443-2-4: Security program requirements for IACS service providers.

  • Foundation requirements IEC 62443-3-3
  • System security requirements and security levels. FR1: Identification and authentication, FR2: Use control, FR3: System integrity, FR4 – Data confidentiality.

  • Foundation requirements 62443-4-2
  • Technical security requirements for IACS components. Example cases.

  • Security technologies for IACS: 62443-3-1
  • Authentication & authorisation technologies: Role Based Access Control, Password authentication, Challenge / response authentication. Network Protection Technologies: Network firewalls, Host based firewalls, Virtual local area networks (VLANs).

  • Encryption technologies from 62443-2-1
  • Encryption technologies and data validation. Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), Symmetric key encryption, Public key encryption.

  • More security technologies from 62443-3-1
  • Management, audit, measurement, monitoring and detection tools from. How to implement, Flowchart for risk assessment.

  • Security risk assessments 62443-3-2
  • Zones, conduits. How to implement risk assessments, Flowchart for risk assessments.

  • Cyber security requirements & techniques
  • Use case.

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Training approach

This structured training course seeks to build upon workbook learning through the use of group exercises, dynamic discussion and individual tasks in order to deliver an engaging and interactive module that will ensure all candidates are able to transfer their new skills into the workplace.