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Advanced Kibana  |    A 1 day   hands on   training course

Advanced Kibana training course description

This training course is aimed at users who already have some experience with Kibana, who are looking to further their knowledge.

What will you learn
  • Lens
  • Timelion
  • Maps
  • Custom Visualisations with Vega
  • Canvas
  • Filters and Controls
  • Drilldown and Dashboards
  • KQSL and ElasticQueries
  • Scripted and RunTime Fields
  • Alerts and Alarms
Advanced Kibana training course details
  • Who will benefit:
  • Users who already have some experience with Kibana, who are looking to further their knowledge.

  • Prerequisites:
  • None

  • Duration
  • 1 day

  • Dates & prices
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Advanced Kibana training course contents

  • Lens
  • Visualisation types (tables,bars,charts)
    Category breakdown
    Adding multiple metrics
    Using formulas in metrics
    Adding reference layer

  • Visualise Library
  • Timeseries, Metrics
    Different types of aggregations

  • Maps
  • GeoMapping
    Heat Maps
    Using ES index as data source
    Visualisation, tool tips

  • Custom Visualisations with Vega
  • Introduction to vega scripting

  • Canvas
  • Widgets and Texts
    Elasticsearch SQL
    Canvas Expressions

  • Filters and Controls
  • Dropdown filters
    Ad-hoc filters
    Searchbar filters

  • Drilldown Dashboards
  • Linking one dashboard to another

  • KQSL and ElasticQueries
  • Bool Query
    Part match vs keyword search
    Wildcard search

  • Scripted and RunTime Fields
  • Creating ad-hoc calculated fields using scripts
    Performance issues

  • Alerts and Alarms
  • Query Based
    Formatting output
    Connector types(email,index,teams etc)

Learning path


This is a new course.
Below are overall customer ratings

M. S. - London Internet Exchange

"Great hands on and chance to apply what I already knew in Python."

M. S. - LINX

"Great course, learned a lot, and do it again if technology changed."

Training approach

This structured course uses Instructor Led Training to provide the best possible learning experience. Small class sizes ensure students benefit from our engaging and interactive style of teaching with delegates encouraged to ask questions throughout the course. Quizzes follow each major section allowing checking of learning. Hands on sessions are used throughout to allow delegates to consolidate their new skills.