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Cloud deployment  |    A 5 day   hands on   training course

Cloud deployment training course description

This course covers the important topics every cloud professional needs, including, configuration and deployment, security, maintenance, management, and troubleshooting. It covers all aspects of cloud computing infrastructure and administration, with a practical focus on real-world skills. It will help you to master the fundamental concepts, terminology, and characteristics of cloud computing. Deploy and implement cloud solutions, manage the infrastructure, and monitor performance. You will also be able to install, configure, and manage virtual machines.

What will you learn
  • Cloud services, models, and characteristics.
  • Virtualization components, installation, and configuration.
  • Infrastructure configurations and optimization.
  • Resource management and specific allocations.
  • IT security concepts, tools, and best practices.
  • Recovery, availability and continuity in the cloud.
Cloud deployment training course details
  • Who will benefit:
  • IT professionals looking to deploy and implement cloud solutions, manage the infrastructure, and monitor performance, Install, configure, and manage virtual machines.

  • Prerequisites:
  • Introduction to virtualization.

  • Duration
  • 5 days

  • Dates & prices
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Cloud deployment training course contents

Preparing to Deploy Cloud Solutions
Deploying a Pilot Project
Testing Pilot Project Deployments
Designing a Secure and Compliant Cloud Infrastructure
Designing and Implementing a Secure Cloud Environment
Planning Identity and Access Management for Cloud Deployments
Determining CPU and Memory Sizing for Cloud Deployments
Determining Storage Requirements for Cloud Deployments
Analysing Workload Characteristics to Ensure Successful Migration
Maintaining Cloud Systems
Implementing Backup, Restore, Disaster Recovery, and Business Continuity Measures
Analysing Cloud Systems for Performance
Analysing Cloud Systems for Anomalies and Growth Forecasting
Troubleshooting Deployment, Capacity, Automation, and Orchestration Issues
Troubleshooting Connectivity Issues
Troubleshooting Security Issues

Learning path


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Training approach

This structured course uses Instructor Led Training to provide the best possible learning experience. Small class sizes ensure students benefit from our engaging and interactive style of teaching with delegates encouraged to ask questions throughout the course. Quizzes follow each major section allowing checking of learning. Hands on sessions are used throughout to allow delegates to consolidate their new skills.