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DevOps for engineers  |    A 2 day training course

DevOps training course description

This course is an introduction to DevOps. The course emphasizes communication, collaboration , integration, and automation to improve the workflow between developers and IT operations professionals. Improved workflows lead to more opportunities to design software and services in a more agile fashion. This course is a basis for discovering the most important DevOps concepts and to understand the principles and methods behind this. The course will leave you with the inspiration to be the advocate of change.

What will you learn
  • Explain DevOps principles.
  • Describe the relationship between Agile , Lean and IT Service Management ( ITSM).
  • Describe methods for automation and technology factors.
  • Describe considerations when changing.
  • Describe challenges, risks and critical success factors.
DevOps training course details

DevOps training course contents

  • Why DevOps?
  • Introduction DevOps
    Goals DevOps
    Added value of DevOps
    Proven Results
    DevOps for businesses
    DevOps principles (The Three Ways)

  • DevOps and other frameworks
  • DevOps and Agile
    DevOps and Lean
    DevOps and IT Service Management

  • DevOps culture
  • Characteristics of a DevOps culture
    Organizational Considerations DevOps
    DevOps stakeholders
    DevOps roles
    DevOps teams
    DevOps organizational structures

  • DevOps methods
  • Continuous Integration
    Continuous delivery
    Continuous deployment
    Value stream mapping
    Theory of Constraints
    Improvement Kata
    Deming's quality circle
    ITSM processes
    DevOps and Automation

  • Methods for DevOps automation
  • Longevity and tools categories DevOps
    Transitioning to a DevOps culture.

  • Implementation
  • Challenges, risks and critical success factors
    Measuring DevOps successes

Learning path



Based on overall customer ratings

M. S. - London Internet Exchange

"Great hands on and chance to apply what I already knew in Python."

M. S. - LINX

"Great course, learned a lot, and do it again if technology changed."

Training approach

This structured course uses Instructor Led Training to provide the best possible learning experience. Small class sizes ensure students benefit from our engaging and interactive style of teaching with delegates encouraged to ask questions throughout the course. Quizzes follow each major section allowing checking of learning. Hands on sessions are used throughout to allow delegates to consolidate their new skills.