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Introduction to containers  |    A 2 day   hands on   training course

Intro to containers training course description

This course looks at the technologies of containers and microservices. The course starts with a look at what containers are, moving onto working with containers. Networking containers and container orchestration is then studied. The course finishes with monitoring containers with Prometheus and other systems. Hands on sessions are used to reinforce the theory rather than teach specific products, although Docker and Kubernetes are used.

What will you learn
  • Use containers.
  • Build containers.
  • Orchestrate containers.
  • Evaluate container technologies.
Intro to containers training course details

Intro to containers training course contents

  • What are containers?
  • Virtualization, VMs, What are containers? What are microservices? Machine containers, application containers. Benefits.

  • Container runtime tools
  • Docker, LXC, Windows containers. Architecture, components.
    Hands on Installing Docker client and server.

  • Working with containers
  • Docker workflow, Docker images, Docker containers, Dockerfile, Building, running, storing images. Creating containers. Starting, stopping and controlling containers. Public repositories, private registries.
    Hands on Exploring containers.

  • Microservices
  • What are microservices? Modular architecture, IPC.
    Hands on Persistence and containers.

  • Networking containers
  • Linking, no networking, host, bridge. The container Network Interface.
    Hands on Container networking

  • Container orchestration engines
  • Docker swarm: Nodes, services, tasks. Apache Mesos: Mesos master, agents, frameworks. Kubernetes: Kubectl, master node, worker nodes. Openstack: Architecture, containers in OpenStack. Amazon ECS: Architecture, how it works.
    Hands on Setup and access a Kubernetes cluster.

  • Managing containers
  • Monitoring, logging, collecting metrics, cluster monitoring tools: Heapster.
    Hands on Using Prometheus with Kubernetes.

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"Hard concepts were explained very simply."

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"Very interesting and informative."

Training approach

This structured course uses Instructor Led Training to provide the best possible learning experience. Small class sizes ensure students benefit from our engaging and interactive style of teaching with delegates encouraged to ask questions throughout the course. Quizzes follow each major section allowing checking of learning.