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Technologies demystified  |    Management Overview training courses

Technologies demystified training courses overview

This series of courses is aimed at managers, sales staff, call centre staff and other less technical personnel who need an overview of specific technology areas.
Each course is just one day in duration and focuses on a particular aspect of technology. Please note that we can customise any of our many other courses to also provide overviews for less technical personnel.
If the topic you require is not in this series please let us know by e-mailing training@snt.co.uk, if we have enough interest we will add the relevant courses to our schedule.

IPv6 demystified

IPv6 is the next generation Internet Protocol. This course looks at the h-100 and features of the new protocol along with an assessment of the likely impact of the protocol and migration strategies.

Peering demystified

A concise overview course covering The Internet and peering. Particular emphasis is placed on the structure of the Internet, how IXs benefit the Internet, IX architectures, peering and the technical buzzwords behind the IX services.

Network fundamentals

A concise overview course covering all aspects of networking with particular emphasis of use of the 7 layer model as a framework for discussing and learning new network terms enabling delegates to recognise the main buzzwords used in the industry.

LANs demystified

A concise overview course covering Local Area Networks with particular emphasis on the use of Ethernet and Wireless LANS.

WANs demystified

A concise overview course covering Wide Area Networks with particular emphasis on the WAN options available including the use of the Internet.

IP demystified

A concise overview course covering TCP/IP with particular emphasis on the addressing and security issues of TCP/IP networks.

VoIP & IP telephony demystified

A concise overview course for management covering voice communications using IP networks. The course focuses on how VoIP works at a simplified level enabling delegates to recognise the key decisions to be made when implementing VoIP.

Internet of Things demystified

A concise overview course covering The Internet of Things and the technologies involved. Particular emphasis is placed on the high level architecture of IoT and the benefits achievable.

WiFi demystified

A concise overview aimed at less technical staff requiring an overview of WiFi networks. The course covers the technologies at a high level allowing delegates to discuss WiFi networks with others recognising the buzzwords used. The course will also allow the delegates to recognise the issues involved in planning and installing WiFi networks as well as securing them.

Cyber Security demystified

The reliance of the world on the Internet and computer systems means the protection of information systems is vitally important. This is even more important smart devices and the Internet of Things increase the number of devices. This Cyber Security provides a concise overview on the threats and attacks that can happen along with the counter measures that can be taken.

Transmission demystified

Transmission is the process of sending information along a medium of, copper, fibre or wireless. This course looks at transmission techniques for both telecommunications and data communications with a particular focus on Microwave, SDH, DWDM transmission. The course aims to demystify these technologies by explaining all the buzzwords used in transmission.

DDOS demystified

This course covers DDOS attacks and how to defend against them. The course starts by studying DOS attacks and then DDOS attack. Reflectors, booters and stressers are followed by reflection and amplification. Once the various DDOS attacks have been covered we then study the ways to defend against DDOS attacks.

Network automation demystified

This course concentrates on the technical side of tools and languages for network DevOps rather than the soft skills. These tools include Python, Ansible, Git and NAPALM By the end of the course delegates should be able to recognise the tools that they can use to automate their networks and be able to use the knowledge gained to feel confident approaching network automation.