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Essential OTN  |    A 2 day training course

Essential OTN training course description

An In-depth introduction to the terminology and technology that will comprise tomorrow's Optical Transport Networks.

What will you learn
  • Describe the problems with old technologies.
  • Identify the purpose of new technologies.
  • Describe the functionality of the various transmission mediums available
  • Identify OTN features and functionality.
  • Define the issues involved in equipment and application rollout.
Essential OTN training course details

Essential OTN training course contents

    Scope, References Terms and definitions, Abbreviations and Conventions
    Optical transport network interface structure
    Multiplexing/mapping principles and bit rates
    Optical transport module (OTM-n.m, OTM-nr.m, OTM-0.m and OTN 0.mvn)
    Physical specification of the ONNI
    Optical channel (OCh)
    Optical channel transport unit (OTU)
    Optical channel data unit (ODU)
    Optical channel payload unit (OPU)
    OTM overhead signal (OOS)
    Overhead description and maintenance signals
    Mapping of client signals and concatenation
    Mapping ODUk signals into the ODTUjk signal
    Forward error correction using 16-byte interleaved RS (255,239) codecs
    ODUk tandem connection monitoring (TCM) overhead
    OPUk Multiplex Overhead

  • Amendment 2 including:
  • OTN Multiplexing and Mapping, Basic signal structure, ODTU12, ODTU13, ODTU23, OPUk Multiplex Overhead, OPUk Multiplex Structure Identifier (MSI). OPU2 Multiplex Structure Identifier (MSI), OPU3 Multiplex Structure Identifier (MSI), OPUk Payload Structure Identifier Reserved overhead (RES), ODU1 into ODU2 multiplexing, ODU2 into ODU3 multiplexing, ODU1 into ODU3 multiplexing

  • Amendment 3 including:
  • 40 Gbit/s ODU3/OTU3 and 100 Gbit/s ODU4/OTU4, Support of gigabit Ethernet services via ODU0, ODU2e, ODU3 and ODU4, ODU0 and ODUFlex, Multi-lane OTU3 and OTU4 interfaces, Support for InfiniBand

  • Amendment 4 including:
  • OTSn OTN synchronization messaging channel (OSMC) overhead, FC-1600

  • Amendment 5 Including:
  • ODUk.ts, OTU0LL (OTU0 low latency), OTSiA (optical tributary signal assembly). OTSiG (optical tributary signal group), OTSiG-O (optical tributary signal overhead), CMEP (connection monitoring end- point), CMOH (connection monitoring overhead), MOTU (Multi-OUT), MOTUm (Multi-OTU with management), OTUCn-M (Optical Transport Unit-Cn, with n OxUC overhead instances and 5G tributary slots). SOTU (Single-OUT). SOTUm (Single-OTU with management).

    Modified bit rates and capacity for OTU1/2/3/4 OTM.nr.m, OTM.n.m, OTM.0.3v4, OTM 0.4v4 Mapping of CBR2G5, CBR10G, CBR10G3 and CBR40G signals into OPUk
    64B/66B and 513B block code format
    PCS lane alignment marker for 40GBASE-R and 100GBASE-R
    PT=20/PT=21 and AMP/GMP options
    OTL 4.10 to OTL 4.4 gearbox
    ODU switching and Line protection Schemes
    10 x 10 MSA
    Overview of current and future coherent and noncoherent technologies
    40Gbit and 100Gbit compliant ROADM’s
    Implementers Guide including replacement terms.
    Differing vendor’s equipment and their implementations

  • Individual and group planning exercises:
  • Upgrade a customer STM-64/10G network to a 40G/ OTN network.
    Upgrade a customer old 16 Wavelength WDM network to be OTN compliant.
    Implement a new customer 40 wavelength OTU3 OTN compliant MSPP (DWDM) network.
    Design a cost-effective solution where we can hand over circuits using “Optical Transport Lanes”.

Learning path


This is a new course. Reviews are based on general customer ratings

A. K. - Network Rail

"Very well thought out and transferred. Very clear and easily understood. Enjoyable."

A. N. - SSE Telecomms

"Excellent base knowledge for Telecoms roles."

Training approach

This structured course uses Instructor Led Training to provide the best possible learning experience. Small class sizes ensure students benefit from our engaging and interactive style of teaching with delegates encouraged to ask questions throughout the course. Quizzes follow each major section allowing checking of learning.